Custom Build Your Computer:

Do you like to build your dream computer ?

For Gaming, Home Use or Business, We can help you build
your computer.

This service give our customers the ability to build their own
computers with the help of our professional team.

All you need to do is to shop for your computer parts that
you like
(CPU, Motherboard, Ram, Hard Drive, Video Card, Case,
DVD, Power Supply, Windows, ...etc).

You can shop on-line or in-store, we can provide you with a
source to buy your computer parts from.

You can tell us what you will use the computer for, and we
can suggest  the parts that you need to buy.
Once you select your parts, we can check your shopping list to make sure that all parts are compatible.

You can ship the parts to our store, or bring them to us, and for a price starting from $99.00 we can build your
computer, we can also start and you can watch us doing the building, so you have better idea about the process. It
will be fun and very educational to learn how to build  computers.

Once the computer is build, you can start loading your operating system (Windows), and we can help loading it for

Please take advantage of this service to have your computer build professionally with the hardware parts that you
choose, it is better than buying a per-build computer and you don't know what parts are used to build it.

Design and Build your dream computer NOW!

Contact Us if you have any questions.