operating system Installation

Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Some times your windows crash and can't be repaired, we ca fix it by re-installing the Windows again. In ProGate our service to reinstall windows is unique, because we can save your data and make sure they don't contain viruses when install the new windows.

We can fresh windows for you plus any other programs that you select, all our windows and programs are genuine and we provide official license for all of them.

We support all the other operating systems such as Apple Mac OS, Linux, & Chrome.

When you need to fresh install the operating system?:

1- If you want to upgrade OS.

2- You want to fix windows issues.

3- Your computer is slow.

4- Need to start over with programs.

5- You want to sell you computer.

6- Your computer infected with virus and you want to reinstall your programs again.

7- Replace the motherboard or hard drive.

8- When you can't use your recovery CD.

Windows installation is easy, fast and can fix a lot of problems in PC. If you need to do this service bring your computer and we will do it for you as fast as possible.