Virus / malware Removal:

PC and MAC Cleaning

Recently Computer viruses became more thread to business and persons who use computers, every day people are losing their data and programs and even hardware because of virus infection or spyware.

In ProGate we analyse the virus infection in computer, and we found the best way to get rid of them permanently with out harming your data or programs.

The service include:

* Clean the files and registry.

* Save all the data (Pictures, Documents, music & video).

* Keep all the programs that are not infected with virus.

* Install and upgrade security modules for windows.

* Install Anti- Virus programs.

Symptoms that can indicate a virus infection in your PC:

1- If your computer is running slow.

2- If your computer is restarting by it self.

3- If your computer is shutting down by it self.

4- If your windows crash.

5- If you have pop ups messages.

6- If you can't see your desktop.

7- Blue Screen Of Death.

8- If you start loosing files.

9- If you have a fake Anti Virus program running and trying to look for viruses.

10- If your current Anti Virus can detect viruses but can't delete them.

Once you fell your computer is infected with viruses, bring it to us and we will fix it.